I'm a photographer and always on the road to get some great shoots, meet people and have a great time. Every shoot is different and so I will write some about my trips and shootings to give you some views behind the scenes. I hope you'll like them.

bad boy II

This black Dodge Challenger with Liberty Walk Performance body kit build by Topsecret Tuning from Halle is one of my favorite cars. And I was able to get it for some more pics…
Big thanks to:
Theres, Liberty Walk, RAD 48 (Facebook), dumped ,Top Secret Tuning, Customkingz

sunny day

I saw this nice Mustang Coupe on Facebook and I asked the owner if he would be interessted to do some cool shots with his car and Theres. He was in. So we went to a cool location…
Big thanks to:
Tom and Theres!

one of the greates… day

… Mustangs I shot. I really love the look of this Ford Mustang. Build by Top Secret Tuning - Well done Dominik.
Big thanks to:
Top Secret Tuning

got a new car

"Got a new car" she said. So we met up quick a did some pics of her nice black BMW M4…
Big thanks to:

life goals

Theres got some cool shirts from the automotive apparel brand "FLGNTLT" and so we decided to go to Sweden and make some funny shots.
Big thanks to:
Brostrom Drifting, Stalle and Emil

this was fun

We thought about some cool shoots while driving.. and yes they did something more. Thank you so much guys!
Big thanks to:
Bikerboyz Stockholm

ultra blue pearl

I can't get enough of this ultra blue pearl. Do you also love this Jag as much as I do?
Big thanks to:
Jaguar Dresden

time attack

I saw this beast on the track and we were able to meet up in Stockholm to do some cool shots of this beast. The Vette has incredible 1300 HP and such a bad ass look! Awesomeness…
Big thanks to:
Team Insane Racing

different views

I was asked to shoot two Porsche - Macan and 911 Targa in Dresden. So we figured some spots out and got some different views…
Big thanks to:

summer night

You remeber the photos I did with Elly in her beautiful dresses at Schloss Wackerbarth? Of course I had to take the white F-Type to do some shots at night in Dresden. The Jaguar F-Type is such a nice car.
Big thanks to:
Jaguar Dresden

fun on the track

When you own a fast car, so take it and bring it to GATEBIL! There you will have a lot of fun with other car builders and petrol heads. You will see …
Big thanks to:
Stallej and Emil and all my swedish family!

side ways

There is a big, very big event. It's in Sweden. Of course. There you will see cars - a lot of cars. And all kind of cars. But at most race cars, drift cars. And the most cars with big, very big engine modifications. And there is a race track of course. There you can enjoy your car in some laps or take part at competitions. If you like these facts, than you have to go and check out GATEBIL. I will definitly go there again and enjoy it.
Big thanks to:

good morning

One of the greatest cars I drove in 2016. The Jaguar F-Type British Design Edition with 380 HP looks stunning in Ultra Blue. The V6 powered AWD Jag drives perfect and feels always great and makes a lot of fun to take some great roads…
Big thanks to:
Jaguar Dresden

I did it

When you shoot a great car together with a nice model and you are on a stunning location, so you should use the breaks to shot the car too. I really love the combo of Schloss Wackerbarth and the Jaguar F-Type there. The results are great.
Big thanks to:
Jaguar Dresden and Schloss Wackerbarth

perfect day

Every girl is looking for her great day. Which dress, which location, …? Elly would choose a nice wedding dress from local designer "Herrmann Moden" in Dresden, a white Jaguar F-Type and Schloss Wackerbarth. All together would be a perfect combination.
Big thanks to:
Hochzeitsmoden Dresden
Jaguar Dresden
Schloss Wackerbarth
VOX "Zwischen Tüll und Tränen" who joined us at the shooting

sherri hill

If you want to get a night you will never forget, Sherri Hill dresses are the best for girls who wnat an unforgettable night. With a white Jaguar F-Type every guy will have look for her. I'm sure her man is absolutley happy to name her as his girl.
Big thanks to:
Hochzeitsmoden Dresden
Jaguar Dresden
Schloss Wackerbarth
VOX "Zwischen Tüll und Tränen" who joined us at the shooting

white chocolate

When you see a tasty piece of chocolate - You want it. And for me it feels the same when I see an amazing car. This beautiful white Lamborghini Aventador came with me to a real nice location. And for me, the pics are amazing. Sure we had to do some pics with flames coming out of the exhaust, but we wanted them bigger. So we will do a new photo shooting to capture bigger flames. Stay tuned. Big thanks to: Robert

you're never to old …

… to race the streets. Of course you need a good car to do it. But I think this black Dodge Challenger with a Liberty Walk body kit is one of the right cars. One more time I asked Theres to do some shoots in front of a rare car. And once again she did a great job! Thanks a lot!
If you want to see more of her, please check out their Facebook site: Theres

bad boy

I was so happy to get the chance to shoot a car with a Liberty Walk body kit. And a modified Dodge Challenger made me goosebumps as I stand in front of it. A lot of companies worked together and build a dream car. Not only for bad boys. Can't wait to shoot more cars like this.
Congrats to: Liberty Walk, RAD 48 (Facebook), dumped ,Top Secret Tuning, Customkingz

couple feelings

I had this idea in mind and it was fun to do it!
Big thanks to Melanie and René

Theres and Marie

As Theres, Marie and I did the shooting in the hotel room we did a couple of pics together. Was pure fun!
If you want to see more of them, please check out their Facebook sites: Marie, Theres


For more than two years, Katharina and me were looking for a date to shoot together. Finally we made it. I'm happy with the pics. Thank you very much.
If you want to see more of her, follow her on Instagram: @kat_van_fit


Marie joined me also for a home shoot in a hotel room and we did some cool stuff.
If you want to see more of her, please check out her Facebook site: Marie


Theres and I did a great home shooting in a nice hotel room.
If you want to see more of her, please check out their Facebook site: Theres

Audi Accessories

Theres, Marie and I took an Audi RSQ3 for some promotion shoots for Audi Zentrum Dresden. We did some cool stuff with Accessories like an Audi hat and an Audi beaker. Of course it was pure fun to drive the Audi RSQ3 with the powerful engine and allroad on the winter roads.
Big Thanks to Audi Zentrum Dresden, Marie (link to Facebook), Theres (link to Facebook)


Like last year, I asked for someone who want to join me and my camera in the snow. This time I had an Audi RS5 Cabrio. For me it was perfect to have a summer car in the snow. After the shooting I got the chance to drive the car - it was such a big fun. Thanks to Marcel!

dream car

When I shot the allinkl.com münnich motorsport Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 I also shot another dream/race cars. In 2006 and 2010 I saw the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670 R-SV running on some race tracks - what an impressive noise! Doing pictures of it was a great feeling to reach the next personal goals
If you want to see more of the race team, please check out their website: allinkl.com münnich motorsport

race car

Gasoline is running through my veines as long as I can remember. And now I had one of my favorite race cars in front of my camera. allinkl.com münnich motorsport raced the FIA GT1 Championship with two of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 and won the Championship in 2013. This car is not the winning car but it doesn't matter.
If you want to see more of the race team, please check out their website: allinkl.com münnich motorsport


My next merchandise collection is called "WANTED". It's similar to the STREETART Collection and I talked to Marie if she would like to join a photoshoot for the new shirts. The weather was not welcomed but with the Audi R8 in the background we did some great shoots. Thanks to Marie for your great work.
Please check out and like her Modelpage on Facebook.

golden autumn

A friend asked me to join him for a ride in his Audi R8 V10 Spyder. Of course I said yes and so we enjoyed the sunny warm weather in autumn and listened to the beautiful Capristo exhaust. What a fun - ride a perfect way to say goodbye to the summer in Germany.
Thanks for the great time Robert!

Porsche GT3 Cup

My good friend Carsten Seifert won 2009 and 2010 the FIA ETCC and work now as instructor and teach people to get a race driver. In 2015 he supported a customer with his Porsche GT3 Cup and asked me to do some photos of the car to surprise the owner.
You need some support for races or need an instructor? Go and check out his website: Carsten Seifert.

Royal Performance

Maybe you know the car. Its a modified Porsche GT3 RS by my friends Royal Performance. They build it lower, wider, louder and added some features. It was my goal to make some cool pics before the car went to the new owner.
Please check their website: Royal Performance.


It was mindblowing seeing this Lamborghini Aventador the first time. Okay it's just wrapped, but who cares? The color is amazing and I fell in love. I wanted a perfect location and we went in the tunnel were I shot some other cars. On the way back it was heavy raining, but with this car, the sun is always shining.

Burnout Queen

Theres and I did some cool shoots with burning tires and she's always in for projects like that. In Stockholm I had a great Camaro for a photo shoot and the owner was in for some STREETART. After regular shots we had fun and did some cool stuff.
Thanks to Emil, to make it happen!
Also big thanks to Theres. Please check and like her Modelpage on Facebook. Great job as always.


My good friend Stalle from Stockholm recommend a good model to me. Her name: Marielle. I contaced her on Facebook and we fixed a date. Our slack was not that big. Because it was on the day we left Sweden and she had to go to Stockholm INK BASH. She was in the jury and came over to me for a quick photo shoot. I expected a great shooting with her, but she made it even better. Thanks for your time and the great pics! I think you will see more of my work with Marielle as a model.
Please check and like her Modelpage on Facebook.

Stockholm Open 2015

I had the chance to get as close as possible to every race this time. I joined the crew and was always running from race to race. Big thanks to everybody who made it happen. Further I visited some race teams while they prepared and tested their cars. It was pure fun, adrenaline and wild as always.

Always Stockholm

I went to Stockholm to visit my friends, do some shots and join the final Stockholm Open races like every year. And this time the Bikerboyz MC joined me and we started something new. My swedish friends are real friends and they help me year after year to fix everything. I makes me proud to have them. Thank you guys! See you soon!


I had some ideas for my STREETART Collection and I asked a friend and Theres if they want to help me. Of course they did. READY, SET, GO! We did some STREETART and my new WANTED Collection was born with this shoot.
Please check out my Collections.
Thanks to Theres and please check and like her Modelpage on Facebook.

Black snake

I'm always looking for new fun shoots and I had the opportunity for a wild shoot. A Shelby GT500 joined me and my camera to have some fun. The Shelby GT500 is a great car and has a lot of power, but this Shelby GT500 had some more horses and a performance exhaust for the perfect noise.
Thank you Christian.

Grandpa and the new generation

Mustang Deutschland is the perfect company if you are looking for a Ford Mustang. It doesn't matter if you want an old or a new Mustang. There is always a way to get the Mustang you want, so please go and check out their website or their shop. This time I shot the owners rebuild Ford Mustang Fastback together with a 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Which one is your favourite?
Thanks to Mustang Deutschland.

Sunny times

Olivia was my next model for a people/lifestyle shooting. It was real fun to do this photoshooting in summer sun in Dresden. We had a 1967 Ford Mustang Cabrio and cool spots to do some different looks. She's very kindly and professional and I'm looking forward for the next shoot.
Please check out and follow Olivia on Instagram
Tahnks to V8 Werk for the nice Mustang.

Supercharged beast

At RACE 1000 I met the owner of a beautiful supercharged Ford GT with 800 BHP. I know the car from social media channels and saw it in Hamburg last time. This time I was able to do a quick shooting with the Ford.
Big Thanks Daniel!

My STREETART Collection is ready

To announce my new Collection I hired Natalie Addams. She is a german model and we did a couple of shots in the middle of Berlin. It was a great and funny time and I'm looking forward for the next shooting. You can find my STREETART Collection n my merchandise shop.
Check out my Collections . Please check out her Modelpage on Facebook.

RACE 1000

For the first event in 2015 I went to RACE 1000 on a closed airfield. There were a lot of fast, really fast cars. BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ford and Nissan, to name some of the brands. Nissan GT-R modified by Materialmord and Porsche 9ff's did some impressive runs.
Thanks to the whole RACE 1000 Crew for the great event.

The first and the last generation

The team of V8 Werk finished a restauration of a white Corvette C1. And they had also a white Corvette C7 Spring Edition in stock. We found a nice place to do the shoot and the pics came out very well. The Corvette C1 is a very great rebuild and if you are a fan of old american cars - go to their website and check them out: V8 Werk.

Mustangs out for a race

Two of the best projects of my friends from V8 Werk are a Mustang "Eleanor" and a Mustang GT. Both cars a stunning. A lot of work was done to get this cars in this condition on the roads of Germany. Eleanor waits with a supercharged Small Block to race versus the black GT with a Big Block. Both cars sounds and drive like they have to. So we finally did a last photoshoot in a tunnel. Trust me, I got goose bumps after the shoot while enjoying the V8's in the tunnel. You want a Mustang like that? Contact my friends at V8 Werk: V8 Werk


While I visited my friends in Stockholm I did a photoshoot with Karin and an Audi Quattro. My friend Emil, owner of the car, found a very great location. Full of nice graffiti the location was perfect for his old Audi and the photoshoot. Before we could start the shoot we had to wait for nearly two hours the see if the heavy rain will stop. Finally we had luck to get a couple of minutes in the sun and got some great pics. Karin did a great job for her first photoshoot. Please check out her Instagram account for more of her pics: Karin

Crazy Swedes

In 2014 I was invited to come to Stockholm and see the final round of Stockholm Open. In this Street Racing Series you will see Sweden's fastest and craziest Street Racer. I was there and it was such unbelievable. So many high powered cars and crazy nice guys together. Run away from Cops, hiding in industry areas and having fun in the same night. Yes that's a perfect package for me. Of course I visited one of my friends in Nyköping before and we had a relaxing time and we entered the coast of Sweden with two canoes for some hours. Enough to relax and have lunch on a rock with water and rocks around. Thanks Richard.

Need for Speed part II

After my shoot with the Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi RS4 in Austria, three guys contacted me there and asked for a photoshoot like that. One of these guys I know from Hamburg. So I did also a action shoot with these nice guys. We had a lot of fun and burned some rubber too.

Need for Speed

After seeing my pictures of my website I'm sure you know I'm doing not only pictures. I always try to do something new or something different. So 2014 I was at Wörthersee and there I did a action shooting with a Lamborghini Gallardo and an Audi RS4. We had so much fun. We did some racing scenes and crazy scenes like drifting. It was such a fun shoot.

Meet the Queen

Long awaited was my shooting with a Ford Mustang "Eleanor", imported, restored and modified by V8 Werk. Everyone knows her from "Gone in 60 Seconds" with Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie. V8 Werk did a brilliant job and their Eleanor waits with ton of details and high quality work for the customer. I did some rolling shots on the road and a final shooting in the harbor of Dresden. The look and the sound makes me always smile.
If you want a great car imported, rebuild or build by V8 Werk? Just go to their website and send them a message: V8 Werk


After my photoshoot with Theres I wanted more combined shootings. So I rent a Ford Mustang Cabrio from my friends at V8 Werk and took Jennifer with me to do a couple of photos with her and the Mustang. We found a very nice location and had a great time while doing the pictures. We tried some different and got a lot of nice pics. Jennifer did a great job and it was a pleasure to have her as a Model. Please check out her Instagram for more of her pics on Instagram: Jennifer


In 2014 I wanted to do something new for me. So I contacted a couple of girls and asked them to do a photoshoot with them and a car in the background. The first girl who joined me is Theres. It was a pleasure to have her for my first combined shooting with a car and a girl. We had a lot of fun and the pictures went out great. She was nice while posing in front of the car and did always what I need to get the photos looking nice. If you want her for a photoshoot or see more of her pics - please check out her Instagram account: Theres

Trip to Night at Europa Park

Of course we have to go from Stuttgart to Europa Park with the AMGs and also back with them. So we took for the trip to Europa Park the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake and a Mercedes-Benz E 63 S AMG. We drove on nice roads through the black forrest. To bad it was so rainy but the trip was pure fun. After arriving in the amusement park we checked in and had a look for the locations and do our shoots at night. Early in the morning we woke up and met at the breakfast to hear if our dreams and wishes came through. Oh yes. I got the SLS AMG Black Series and a Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG for my team. So I got the keys for the SLS AMG Black Series and a dream came through and my smile was that big! You can't imagine. I drove the black beauty over the Autobahn, passed the Black Forrest to do some photos with it and the G 63 AMG and back to Stuttgart. Was so much fun.
Thanks to Mercedes-Benz for inviting me.

Night at Europa Park

Mercedes-Benz invited 10 photographers and 10 bloggers to their Event "Night at Europa Park" and I was one of the photographers. It was a pleasure and a great event. We got a bunch of AMGs to take photos of the in the amusement park at night. I arrived in Stuttgart just in time, because of the heavy traffic there, and saw all the cars we can shoot. Of course we sent our wishes to Mercedes-Benz before we met there. So my team hat a Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG, a SLS AMG Black Series and a McLaren-Mercedes SLR Coupe for three locations. The night was full of heavy rain and it was all wet and dirty but it was such a great experience.
Thanks to Mercedes-Benz for inviting me.


I got in 2014 from the Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Dresden a Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG for a test drive and doing photos of it. So I decided to shoot it close to the river Elbe, and found 3 locations. Number one was full of road workers and I was not allowed to drive there. So I drove to location 2 to see road workers again and at location 3 was a exercise of fire fighters. So I waited there to get the location right in time for the sunset. But after finishing of their exercises the next group of fire fighters arrived and blocked the location. So I went back to Dresden and a nice place where you can see the city from above and I took the pictures at the river next morning. And I was there at first.
Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Dresden

Wintertime, fun time

Some day I woke up and had an idea to do some shoots in the snow. I called a friend and we took his Audi RS4 Avant to a nice place. His Audi RS4 is colored in Porsche Classic grey and looks stunning in the snowy landscape. After doing some shots with the car parking it was time to do some fun shoots. So he drifted with the Audi RS4 and I did some photos.

California calls again

To visit the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and do some photos of modified cars for the XS MAG I flew with the crew of the XS MAG and some friends to Las Vegas, Nevada. We had a road trip to Los Angeles where we stayed in a beach house in Malibu. After my first time in 2011 in Malibu it was such a great feeling to be there again. We had a lot of photo shootings in L.A. and the Area around. After some days we went back to Las Vegas to visit the SEMA Show and doing some more Shootings there.
Thanks to XS MAG for the great time.

Long awaited

I got a call from a friend and he wanted me to shoot his Lamborghini Aventador. Of course I needed some help to go to the location and doing some rolling shots. So my very good friend helped me out. So we drove with his SLS AMG and the Lamborghini Aventador over the Autobahn to the location. It was still happieness in my face, heart and soul. To see the Giallo Orion painted Aventador in the mirror is so nice. And of course to hear both cars speeding. On the old airfield with bunkers around I did one of my favorite shootings so far. Fun joins all my shootings so we did some pics with flames popping out of the exhaust of the Aventador and we did also a sound check with both cars side by side in of the bunkers. Thanks to my friends for that mind blowing time.

Small AMG

I was really curious about the AMG version of the Mercedes-Benz A Class. And I got the car for a test drive from the Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Dresden. The A 45 AMG is great and drives so comfortable and sportive and sounds awesome too. Understatement with this rear wing is not that big, but nobody will expect that fast acceleration of the A 45 AMG. I had the A 45 AMG for a test drive I did some photos of it too. Of course.
Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Dresden

Wild cat

Back from my trip from Sweden I got the Jaguar F-Type S to do some photos and enjoying the summer sun in this cabrio around Dresden. I did a couple of photos on my favorite place "Sächsische Schweiz" and in Dresden. The Sound of the V8 is so amazing and it's pure fun to play the gas to hear the exhaust popping.
Thanks to Jaguar Dresden

Meet some friends in Sweden reloaded

After a great time in 2012 I went back to Sweden in 2013 and it was a great time again. I visited Battle Royale in Stockholm, one of the best illegal street racing series from Sweden. And of course I got some amazing cars to shoot for the owners or the XS MAG. So I had a very unique and stunning Porsche 1600 Spyder, Audi 60, Volvo Amazon (modified for track races), Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, Volvo V70, drift-cars and Hot Rods. Every car was amazing and waited with a lot of details. I had a great time with my friends and of course it was "possible" to destroy some tires. A Dodge Ram with the engine of a Dodge Viper showed up and made a lot of smoke. As always it was pure fun and relaxing. Now I have to come back to Sweden every time I can. Like, the last time, I traveled from Malmö to Stockholm to Göteborg and back to Germany.

Little Bull

I got a Audi R8 5.2 FSI Plus from Audi Zentrum Dresden to do a couple of great photos. The color of the car is called Samoa Orange Metallic and it looks very very great. I did rolling shots and pictures in Dresden on modern and historic places. It was fun to drive and I enjoyed the sound of the little bull.
Thanks to Audi Zentrum Dresden

back to the future

I got a request for shooting a DMC DeLorean. Imported and restored by V8 Werk from Altenberg, Germany. The car was in great condition and we did a couple pictures of the car. This shooting was the beginning of a good business relationship and a good friendship too.
Please have a look for all their great projects on their website: V8 Werk

California calling

I was booked to go to California and do some promotion shootings for a german brand with the owners, crew and friends of Goldrush Rally from California. Me and a friend flew form Dresden to L.A. and drove up to San Francsico where we met some friends and did some photo shootings. I did some shootings for the XS MAG too. One surprise was to drive two modified Mercedes-Benz from my friend Wilson in San Francisco. It was great to shoot so many modified cars like a Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche, Nissan GT-R with BenSopra Bodykit, Honda NSX, Scion FS-R and of course all the cars from the Goldrush family in San Francisco, L.A and Beverly Hills. The highlight of the road trip was our trip from San Francisco to L.A. on the Highway 1. The coast of California is very beautiful and it was great to spot a lot of whales traveling to the golf of Mexico.
Thanks to XS MAG, Aimee, Rawmean, Mark, BC and Stephan.

Meet some friends in Sweden

2012 was my second time in Sweden and my first time to visit some of my friends up in the north. And they helped me to find some of the coolest cars to shoot for myself, the owners and the XS MAG. So I had 21 Shootings in 6 days and it was very busy but it was pure fun. I had so much nice cars like Honda NSX, BMW M3 E30 with 870 HP, Corvette C6 with 1400HP, VW Golf R, VW Käfer, Toyota Supra, Lexus IS, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-Benz SL 65 Black Series and 1971 Dodge Challenger for example. We had pure fun of destroying rubber and run away from the cops. Beside all the adrenalin on this trip I enjoyed the landscape from Malmö (south) to Stockholm (east) to Fallun ("north") to Göteborg (west) and back to Germany. That was an insane road trip with over 3500km. And it was the beginning of traveling to my crazy swedes.

AMG Road Show

Like every year Dresden was part of the AMG Road Show. AMG brought some of the 2012 Models to Dresden and I got some to have a test drive and do photos. At first I got the SLS AMG Roadster and took him to one of my favorite spots. It's called "Sächsische Schweiz" and it's definitely a road trip worth. Then I got the CLS 63 AMG, E 63 AMG T Model, ML 63 AMG and finally the SLK 55 AMG. I'm happy to work together with Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Dresden and join some of their nice events.
Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Dresden

On the track

I was booked to shoot the Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ on the track "Eurospeedway" in Germany. We had only 30 minutes to take all the pictures, because we did the pictures between some warm-ups of the ADAC GT MASTERS Weekend.

Tribute to Ferruccio 2012

I was invited to a private Lamborghini Meeting 2012 in Italy. It was called "Tribute to Ferruccio" and we were in Sant'Agatha and around Bologna. The home of Lamborghini. I met Lamborghini owners from all over europe. There were some from Norway, Belgium, Netherland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, … . We had a stunning time with all the Bulls. Miura, Countach, 350 GT, Gallardo, Diablo, Mucriélago and Aventador were in our group. We had nearly 40 Bulls in our convoy crossing the home of Lamborghini. We visited the Factory in Sant'Agatha, the house were Ferruccio was born, the family museum from Fabio Lamborghini. Fabio Lamborghini, nephew of Ferruccio and Valentino Balboni joined the event. And as special guest crashed SEO Stephan Winkelmann our Factory Visit. It was a pleasure to meet all the people and I always think back to these days with a big smile on my face.