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Get a great set of photos of your car standing in the perfect location, driving on the perfect road or on an awesome spot late at night.


Get a great set of photos of you and your motorcycle riding on a great road or standing in the perfect location. Let me help you to get the best pictures for you.


You’re organizing a great event and are looking for a photographer? Let me know what you need and I will help you to get the most out of it.

Get some of Mario Klemm photos printed on materials matching perfect to his work.

You can order prints on Alu Dibond with white or brushed surface and Acrylic glass. The classy and most clean way to get it in your office is a print under Acrylic glass. For all of you who want it less shiny you should order a print on white Alu Dibond. The colors are coming super intense and bright. But I guess all real car guys will love the Alu Dibond with the brushed surface. That style looks super dope and get the most wow-effect in real.

High quality prints on

White Alu-Dibond

High quality prints on

Brushed Alu-Dibond

High quality prints on

Acryl glass

Exclusive prints


The V8 Werk (in Pirna, Germany) is specialized in restoration, repair and maintenance of Ford Mustang (1964-1969) and Corvette (1953-1967). With passion and attention to details, all work is performed in-house by their experienced specialists. The goal is either to maintain a historic classic or to create an individual vehicle dream.

In our store you can find a selection of photos of these dream cars.

For everybody


Get a high quality print of

Your car or bike

For you or a friend

Gift cards

Unique concrete models


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Nur Schrift

Hi, my name is Mario Klemm! I'm a real petrolhead

I’m a photographer specialized on cars and bikes.

Located in Dresden, Germany close to Berlin and working world wide. As a real petrolhead you will see vehicle pictures mostly. Architecture and product images are taken for multiple customers and are posted at their campaignes.  Please ask me for examples if you are interested.

Further, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

+49 172 751 37 79


About Mario Klemm

My name is Mario Klemm and I’m a photographer specialized on cars and motorcycles. Located in Dresden, Germany close to Berlin and working world wide.

In the last years I focused more on muscle cars and mopars. But I’m still working with all kind of cars and motorcycles.

How it started …

Like every boy I’ve loved to play with Matchbox and Hot Wheels or other toy cars. I will never forget the day back in 1996 when my dad came home from work and asked me if I know a really rare sportscar from the united states. He said a name, but he was not able to remember the correct name. Lamborghini was my favorite brand that time but he took me to his work and showed me his boss‘ new car. We entered the garage and I was blown away. In front of me stood the brand new Chrysler Viper GTS in blue with white stripes … Since that day the Viper was another favorite car of mine.

Thanks to all the guys who developed NEED FOR SPEED. Oh boy – I was playing that game so hard. My favorite cars out of this game were Toyota Supra, Viper RT/10 and of course the Lamborghini Diablo VT. And with every part of Need for Speed came more and more favorite cars. And Playstation brought another awesome game – Gran Turismo. Oh wow, there were tons of cars and some of them were great. But my all time favorite brand will still be Lamborghini.

One big kind of cars are muscle cars and I love them too. Especially Mopars, like Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars from the 70’s. Dodge Charger, Challenger, Plymouth Cuda or a Superbird for example.

After playing with Hot Wheels, playing video games and drawing cars, I started to do photos with my die-cast cars and let them look like real cars. Until I found some pictures of a sportscar gathering in Germany with a Lamborghini and a license plate who was registered in my city.
I was going crazy and asked him if he wants to join me for a photoshoot with his Gallardo Spyder. And he said yes. I was so nervous, but the pictures turned out great. The first step into a new area of my life was done – and I got a real friend.

If you want to hear more of my stories, let´s meet and ask me about them. I could write down pages full of memories.

Features Magazines and blogs

As a photogrpaher, who knows a lot of car guys in Europe and all over the world, I did dozens of photoshootings of amazing and uniqe cars.

My pics were published in big blogs like StanceNation, magazines like WALTER-Magazin, Träume Wagen, Curbs, Automobilsport, Pitwalk, Playboy Cars and many more and in online magazines like XS MAG.

If you build or rebuild cars and want me to do a coverage for a magazine? Call me and I will check if I can find the right magazine for your ride.

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Please let me know where are you want to do the photoshoot and when. By giving my a phone number or email I will contact you right back!



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